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Bundles of flowers is an online flower delivery or online flower shop in the Philippines, located in Quezon City. We provides affordable and inexpensive flower bouquets, flower vase, flower in a basket, customize flower arrangement, and flower gift ideas.

We offered inaugural flower stand; flower for inaugurations which is widely used for grand opening ceremonies for business such as; opening shops, restaurant, salon, new opening bank, and groceries store. And we offered sympathy flowers and funeral flowers to express affection, sending condolences to the family of a deceased individual.

We also have wide array of unique flower arrangement designed by the local florist.

So if you want to send flowers to your loved one, Bundles of Flowers is recommended to you.

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SAME DAY FLOWER DELIVERY We also offer same day flower delivery services with 100% satisfaction guarantee within Metro Manila, Quezon City, Makati, Manila, Pasig, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Taguig, Pasig, Marikina, Caloocan, Las Pinas, Valenzuela, Paranaque, Navotas, Muntinlupa, and Malabon.

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FREE FLOWER DELIVERY You do not need to go outside your home to buy fresh flowers to your loved one because people these days prefer buying things online than method of going into stores.

Bundles of flowers offers free flower delivery within selected areas in Manila. Like the other online flower shop, we offer different kind of flower arrangement in different occasions such as; Valentine’s Flowers, Mother’s day Flowers, Father’s Day, Birthday Flower, Anniversary Flower, Inaugural Flowers, Just Because Flowers, Get Well Gifts, Wedding Flower Arrangement, and Sympathy and Funeral Flowers.

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  • Funeral Basket - Express your sympathy and condolences with a simple but sweet funeral basket arrangement.

  • Casket Flowers - Casket Corsage or casket spray are placed directly on top of the casket that comes with a variety of sizes. Some flowers are roses, orchids, anthuriums, carnations and lilies.

  • Funeral Cross Arrangement – Funeral cross flowers are one of the best-selling sympathy flower arrangement. Funeral cross arrangement is an elegant design for a funeral service.

  • Funeral Wreath Flowers- Typically circular and bring a special meaning to the service as the circular shape of the wreath is the symbol for eternal life. Some flowers are roses, orchids, anthuriums, carnations, sunflowers and lilies.

  • Funeral Garden Arrangements – Perfect grouping of a variety of funeral flowers in a garden arrangement to make the memorial extra memorable. Some flowers that make the arrangements beautiful are mums, roses, orchids, anthuriums, carnations and lilies.

  • Funeral Heart Flowers – Express your great love and care to the to the grieving family with a best-selling funeral flower arrangement. Beautiful heart-shaped flower arrangement.

  • Urn Flowers - Some flowers to make the urn arrangement beautiful are roses, orchids, anthuriums, carnations, and lilies

  • One Layered Funeral Stand / Sympathy Flowers - Sympathy and funeral flowers arranged in one layered stand. Send beautiful sympathy and condolence flowers arrangement, same day delivery order place before 12noon.

  • Two Layered Funeral Stand / Funeral Flowers - Sympathy and funeral flowers arranged in two layered stand. Send funeral flowers to the bereaved to show your deepest sympathy with affordable funeral flower stand arrangement.

  • Three Layered Funeral Stand / Funeral Flowers- Sympathy and funeral flowers arranged in three layered stand. Online funeral flowers and best selling funeral flowers Philippines.

  • Four Layered Funeral Stand / Funeral Flowers- Sympathy and funeral flowers arranged in four layered stand. Traditional color for sympathy and funeral flowers is white. Some flowers are roses, orchids, anthuriums, carnations and lilies.

WHAT ARE THE SIGNIFICANCE OF FUNERAL FLOWERS? Flowers are a means of expression. It is creating a background of warmth and beauty which adds to the dignity and consolation of the funeral service. It is often difficult for those mourning a death to put feelings into words. Flowers are a visual expression of love, sympathy, and respect. This custom is one of longstanding and it has served people as a means through which they can express their feelings. They are means of lending support and sharing the burden of grief.

HOW TO SELECT RIGHT FUNERAL FLOWERS? 1. Relation - Your relation to the deceased person will determine what type of funeral flowers you should get for them. The closer you are, the more elaborate it should be. The close family member buys biggest arrangement funeral flowers such as funeral cross, funeral wreath, funeral heart-shaped and large funeral sprays on stand arrangement.

2. Personalization– Think the nature and ambiance of the funeral. Some arrangement are classic white lilies or red roses. But you can advise the online flower delivery if you want a customize funeral flowers arrangement if the deceased love that flower, this is to express affection to the deceased how she/he is important to you even she/he already gone.

3. Funeral Type – You can consider first what are the type of funeral service it will be (funeral, memorial, cremation etc.) Based on the other person explains, there are different need for flower. If cremation service only without burial, then the flower baskets, green plants, and flowers that easily be taken home is recommended. And If traditional burial services, then same flowers but sometimes are flower in standee arrangement which can be left at the cemetery.

4. “In lieu of flowers” requests - It is best to honor the request by donating money. However, you can send flowers in addition to the donation.

5. Religious considerations – The funeral traditions of most religions involve flowers and most all arrangements and flower types are acceptable but knowing their beliefs and will ensure your flower are appropriate.